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17.6m Spider Lift

Monitor 1890

17.6m Spider Lift

The Monitor 1890 is the most popular Spider Lift in Australasia, and not without reason. Economical, very compact, simple to use, reliable, and excellent outreach.

With its light weight design, the 1890 is very easy to transport on Monitor’s strong galvanized steel trailer. The tracks expand out and down to give excellent off-road ability, and yet with the tracks retracted, the 1890

has incredible stowed dimensions of only 790 x 1920 mm which allows it to drive through a domestic doorway!

The extra-long travel stabilizer legs on the 1890 makes it the first choice for working on sloping sites. Narrow paths, nice lawns, sloping ground? With its dual power function and super-compact dimensions, the 1890 is brilliant where a lot of outreach is required in confined indoor locations.

The Monitor 1890 PRO version offers 14 hp water-cooled twin cylinder Kubota diesel, auto-levelling, 2 speed drive and radiocontrolled drive and stabilization.

Monitor 1890
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